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Quick facts on installed equipment when we bought it:

Came with a 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner 440 Super Commando Engine  Bored .060 over. Estimated HP between 435-450 HP. Has a total of 20 miles on it since rebuild.

* Compression Ratio: 10:25:1

* A 440 Hi-performance COMP CAM.

* 727 Torqueflight Automatic Transmission with an 8 3/4 rear axle.

* 3:23 Sure Grip rear end (High Torque - meeting RT spec)

* Rotors, calipers and spindles are 1970 Plymouth RoadRunner disc brakes.

* The power disc brake unit is an original 1968 RoadRunner booster, it is a Bendix type 1unit. Rebuilt in Oregan, the Bendix rear cylinders are new as well as all the springs and cables.

*The torsion bars are original 1968 MOPAR B Body Big Block type units. The A bushings in the front end suspension have been replaced.These include a new lower control arm busing, A - arm bushings,new top and bottom ball joints, and new outer tie rod ends.

*Power steering

* Has 1970 Highback Road Runner front seats. Those are going to go and be replaced with Coronet buckets with headrests.

* A/C

* Complete undercarriage rust protection and protective coating applied
The Car on Day 1  - 2-16-04
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