PROJECT MISSION: This page has been created to chronicle the restoration of one of Dodge's finest muscle car performance automobiles, the 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T. This project has a start date of Feb 9th 2004, and the car itself was a gift from Robert H.Mitchell, III (RHM III) to his father, Robert H.Mitchell, Jr. (RHMJr.) in celebration of his 60th birthday. 

Here you will find a complete timeline of events, "how to" restoration tips, classic pictures from 1968, a list of leveraged resources, and all things related to the 1968 Coronet.


Robert H. Mitchell, Jr & Robert H.Mitchell, III.

2006 Progress
2005 Progress
2004 Progress
The Car on Day 1
The 440 Engine
Classic Pix from 68'
For Don Laird
A Web Salute to the 68 Coronet

NOV 2011 - The Charger is finished. Sister 68's on Display!!

4/1/2010 - BIG RED Takes 2nd at MOPARS AT THE Strip in B-Body Modified

12-30-09 - Website Porting (Some Pix and Links may not work) Please check back soon as the conversion goes on! Thanks

12-3-08 -
BIG RED IS "THE TIME MACHINE" - New Wallpaper!!!

7-29-07     BIG RED - The Centerfold!! Feature article C! CLASSICS

6-27-07 -
"The Peoples Choice"  in Jasper Show!

Car Shows
2007 Progress
Bob Mitchell, 40 years and one particular Coronet - the story is told!!

Read the full ferature article about Bob, the 60's, the seperation, the reunion and the rebuild. BIG RED is across 4 pages as the inagural C! Magazine Classic.

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